Easy Glass Prime

It is all in the base channel

The Easy Glass Prime glass balustrade is available with 2 different types of base channel for top mounting and 2 different types for fascia mounting. These include F and Y-shaped solutions that you can install at or beyond the edge of a surface. All channels work with the adjustable Q-disc System, which is suitable for glass thicknesses from 17.52mm to 25.52mm. The clever combination of an inlay and disc let you safely secure each glass panel. But the revolutionary system also allows you to realign each individual glass panel by up to 1.2 degrees from the vertical. All it takes to carry out alignment is a ‘slide and turn’ motion with the Q-tool.

Q-disc system adjustable

Easily align glass up to 25.52mm thick

Easy Glass Prime most certainly lives up to its name. The glass balustrade system is top for ease of installation and glass alignment. That is mostly thanks to the small but revolutionary invention in its base channel, called the Q-disc System. This significantly simplifies the installation and alignment of the glass infill panels that it has been awarded the prestigious Red Dot Design Award. The adjustable Q-disc System used for Easy Glass Prime is suitable for glass thicknesses up to 25.52mm, so you will have no problem at all creating glass railings for stairs or balconies that require more sturdiness.

Additional convenience

The Q-disc System is not the only convenient feature that the Easy Glass Prime glass railing system offers. For example, the drill holes in the base channels have tolerances that make it easier to carry out installation on uneven floors. In addition, you have a broad choice of possible anchors for fixing the base channels to your chosen substrate. The Q-disc design also uses markings and a clicking sound to signal correct installation.

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