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In the event that incorrect goods have been delivered, or goods have been damaged in transit, Aspire Glass will arrange collection and replacement of those goods at no cost. Please notify our Sales team within 2 working days of receipt of the goods. If goods were damaged in transit, please be sure to sign the proof of delivery as “Received Damaged”.

If you no longer require goods, delivered within the previous 14 days, we will accept the return, even if the goods are damaged,  but should be fully boxed quantities and in the original undamaged packaging. Please enclose paperwork providing details of the Aspire Glass order number or invoice number against which the goods were delivered.

If the customer arranges for unwanted goods to be collected by Aspire Glass, we do not accept responsibility if the goods arrive back to us damaged – this also applies to any damage caused in return transit. Any collection arranged by Aspire Glass will be chargeable.

In the event that you have had the goods more than 14 days, any return will be at the discretion of the General Manager.

We will apply a handling charge to all unwanted returns – 15% of the net value of goods returned. If order or invoice details are not provided, that causes us significant additional work so if that is the case, we reserve the right to apply a larger handling charge – up to 25%.

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