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Toughened & Laminated Glass Panels For Balustrade, Juliet & Staircase Systems

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Toughened Glass

Toughened glass is recognised as a Class A safety glass. If it is damaged or shattered, it breaks safely into small glass fragments. Although these fragments, which resemble small pebbles, may cause small cuts or bruises, they do not inflict the kind of serious injury which can occur from the sharp shards that are formed when ordinary annealed glass is broken.

To create toughened glass, the raw material – a float glass sheet – is cut and processed to the customer’s requirement. This includes creating any shape required, polishing, drilling holes, or routing out notches and cut outs. The glass then goes through several processes including heating, rolling and cooling to create the final toughened glass product.

After the toughening process, the glass is up to 5 times stronger than it was in its original annealed state, making it an excellent product to use in a variety of applications including Balustrades and Juliet Balconies.

Toughened glass is ideal for these installations. Firstly, because of its added strength; and secondly, for the way that it breaks safely, by shattering into small glass pebbles, rather than sharp shards.

It is essential that toughened glass is manufactured in accordance with strict standards. Our dedicated supplier ensure that all toughened glass is manufactured in accordance to relevant British Standards.

We are able to offer a wide range of glass thicknesses from 6mm – 19mm including a range of finishes such as satin (opauqe) and grey tint.  All of our toughened glass products also come with polished edges all round (PAR) and dubbed corners as standard.

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Toughened Laminated Glass

Toughened laminated glass is used widely in the creation of essential construction elements such as Balustrade systems and Juliet Balconies. Approved by architects and interior designers for its versatility, which helps to make design concepts a reality, toughened laminate is also extremely durable ensuring the highest safety standards are met, whatever the project.

Toughened laminated glass is the safe option for many applications, especially when used at height and in barriers such as balustrades. It is equally suited to the commercial, public and domestic sectors.

Using toughened glass, which is up to five times stronger than annealed glass of the same thickness, two panes are laminated together with an interlayer. This is normally a clear PVB (PolyVinyl Butyrall) interlayer, which, if the glass panel is damaged, will hold most of the small granular fragments in place, greatly reducing the potential hazard of falling glass.

Unlike toughened glass alone, this keeps the barrier in place until it can be replaced, ensuring the safety and integrity of the balustrade system remains.

All toughened laminate panels we supply conform to Part N of the Building Regulations and BS:6262 part 4. When used in structural balustrades it conforms with Part K of the Building Regulations and BS:6180.

We are able to offer a wide range of  glass thicknesses from 11.52mm – 25.52mm including a range of additional options, such as coloured interlayers. All of our toughened laminated glass products also come with polished edges all round (PAR) and dubbed corners as standard.

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