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There are three different material options that Aspire Glass offer when it comes to designing your Glass Balustrade or Juliet Balcony system

Stainless Steel

Strong and beautiful to look at, stainless steel is one of the most popular materials for balustrade systems. It comes in various grades, each with a slightly different composition. On its own, steel would naturally corrode, but different elements can be added to make it stainless.

The industry standard for interior use is 304 grade stainless steel. 316 grade stainless steel contains 2% molybdenum which makes the material more resistant to cracking, pitting and hard caused by tension. So, we would recommend the use of 316 grade stainless steel for outdoor applications.


Lightweight, yet strong, aluminium has a naturally occurring oxide layer that helps provide corrosion resistance. But, for greater protection, the layer must be augmented.

All of the aluminium products we supply have been made from metal that has undergone an anodisation process to ensure maximum protection is achieved.


Robust and inexpensive, die-cast zamak can be a highly economical alternative to other metals. To give the material an attractive finish you are able to get the item powder coated to your preferred RAL colour.

We offer many zamak products that are coated in advance for your convenience.

All of the above materials have a specific suitability for certain environments that your Glass Balustrade or Juliet Balcony will be faced with. The below table is designed to provide advice in making the correct material choice
Cleaning your Glass Balustrade or Juliet Balcony system with the correct products is very important in the general maintenance and upkeep of your chosen materials. Below is a list of the cleaning products we recommend and supply in our Shop to ensure your system remains in great condition:

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