Glass Juliet Balconies

Juliet Balconies enhance the aesthetic quality of any property, safely allowing more light into the living space, whilst simultaneously creating architectural features that are enjoyed internally and externally.

Aspire Glass Ltd have a Glass Balcony range which include; Fixed Frame, which uses stainless steel or powder coated support bars; Stand off Clamps that utilise protruding steel buttons, and Spigot & Clamp fixed Juliet Balconies that use the existing recessed area of the window or doorway.

Please view gallery for our previous work – Steel Fixings, Glass Panels and Juliet Balcony Kits and be purchased here

Stainless Steel Handrail

Top and bottom handrail Juliet balconies are a very popular for their traditional style and appearance. The smooth Stainless Steel Handrail allows you maximum comfort so you can lean comfortably and enjoy the summer view.

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Stand off clamps

Juliet balconies with a minimalist look; Stand off clamps fix into the wall of a building and protrude outwards and pass through a whole specially cut into the glass panels, this grips the glass from both sides and creates and extremely firm fixing.

Also know as button fixings, this design offers an alternative design to the juliet balcony family and removes the needs for a steel frame. Handrail across the top is purely optional.

Glass Colours and Types

You can choose what type of Glass Panel you would like in your Juliet Balcony. We can provide; Regular toughened glass for the maximum amount of light transfer, Frosted Glass – Which creates a privacy barrier into the property (sometimes required by building regulations) Or a choice of colored opaque glass. For opaque options please contact us via phone or email.

Steel frame Balcony

A Juliet Balcony / Balustrade hybrid. The flexibility we provide allows virtually any combination of solutions for you to maximise your living space whilst adding value and promoting beauty within your property.

Square frame, Circular tubing, Stainless Steel – Brushed or Polished and Chrome finishes provide you a multitude of design choices.

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Powder Coated Frame

Powder coated frames offer an additional level of personalisation, you can choose from a range of colours and finishes, allowing the Juliet Balcony to blend in seamlessly with the theme of your project.

As powder coating is specifically designed for outdoor use, this finish is durable and hard wearing and is suitable for all weathers and climates.

100% Customer Satisfaction

In truth, the beauty of Glass and Steel sells itself, you the customer and your renovation ideas are the true architect of design, we merely facilitate and implement your vision. We have a impeccable track record of happy customers, check our google reviews and previous customers bespoke designs in the gallery. Please contact us with any questions or quote requests, we are happy to help.

Recessed Balcony

Juliet Balcony’s can be constructed using steel glass clamps that are fixed into the recess of the window or doorway opening and allows for a flush finish.

A recessed Glass Balcony can be considered low profile and are suitable for renovation projects where building regulations are more strict.