Juliet Balcony

Juliet balconies offer an enhanced aesthetic quality to any property. Safely allowing light to flow into a living space they provide an open and airy feeling whilst also creating an architectural feature that is enjoyed internally and externally. We offer a range of juliet balcony solutions to ensure your design needs are met. Take a look at the systems available below or give us a call to discuss your options with us.

Framed Juliet Balcony

Framed juliet balconies are a sleek and cost effective way to ensure that any door opening at height is made safe. Utilising a 316 grade stainless steel base and cap rail, the balcony is secured to the structure using carefully designed adapters to ensure maximum strength and minimum footprint. typically completed with a 12mm toughened glass panel, the framed juliet can reach spans of up to 2500mm. Harware can also be powder coated to any colour you wish to enhance your balcony even further.

Frameless Juliet balcony

Frameless Juliet balconies offer an "infinity" style design ensuring that there are no visible fixings from inside your property, giving you full and uninterrupted views which is what makes this design no popular. There are 2 options of frameless balconies available - side mount or bottom mount. Both designs incorporate a 50mm diameter, brushed stainless steel standoff clamp is installed to the main structure and can be tailored to suit any length to ensure a secure and stylish installation, whatever the specification.

Easy View Juliet balcony

Easy View Juliet balconies provide unprecedented levels of transparency due to a structure that consists of almost nothing but glass. In spite of this minimalist design, the sleek, vertically installed profiles will let you create Juliet balconies that span distances of up to 2.8m. The aluminium wall profile can be installed in 3 different scenarios: onto a facade, onto a door frame or to door reveals. To ensure that the Juliet balcony blends into its architectural setting, the profile can be powder coated. This would allow you to match the profile to the existing building hardware.

Bespoke Frames

If you require a Juliet balcony fabricating to a specific design, we can help. Working closely with local fabricators, we are able to work with you during the design process to ensure all elements of your balcony are designed correctly. We are able to provide detailed CAD drawings which allows you to inspect every element of the design and give your final approval.