How to Measure out a Glass Balustrade System

02nd September 2021

Many people overlook glass options when discussing ways to make the most of their interior space. Despite this, glass can be a fantastic choice when trying to make your home look sleek, modern and spacious. It can make a living area, a staircase or an outside area look stunning. Adding a glass balustrade to a space can transform it from a blank canvas or a dark area to a light filled masterpiece.

Glass is a minimalist interior designers’ ideal material due to its ability to allow light to shine through without compromising on safety- providing a fantastic barrier. This minimalist, modern look is also often a “value bringer” when it comes to selling the home at a later date, meaning it is a more and more popular choice for short and long term gain.

It can seem a daunting task to get your glass balustrade dream up and running however. What fixtures and fittings do you need? How do you know you’re measuring right? Well, when executed properly, you can expect to have the perfect safety addition and rail for either your stairs, balcony or exterior decking features. But getting it wrong can be costly, making it look like a poor job or even worse compromising on safety.


First things first- get your measuring right!

If you have decided you want to pursue the glass balustrade option, then measuring how much glass you need for your project will help determine the budget you require. Here is a handy guide on how to measure up:

Use two people. Measuring up is a two-person job. Between you, you will need a pen, some paper and a tape measure. Using two people is recommended as one person can focus on confirming the precise measurements whilst the other person can take notes based on what they are saying.

Don’t rush– the most important factor in getting your glass balustrade measurements right is to take your time and don’t rush. Double and triple check your measurements and calculations so you know you are 100% certain on how much glass and how many fittings you will require. All too often, people order various components and glass sizes only to find when actually at the point of installation that the glass is slightly too big or, equally as bad, annoyingly too short. These measurements are so important, so take your time and get them right. Many errors are down to millimetres in most examples!

Design where you want it in your home. We always suggest sketching your plan of action. You can either sketch the area you want on a blank piece of paper or if the walls can easily be washed or painted over, consider designing directly on the wall- life size. This will allow your measurements to be even more precise whilst similataniously allowing you to see exactly how it will look and make any adjustments as you go.

Remember your end posts. On your plan, you will need to take into account any end posts within your project. These should be measured at 75mm distance from the edge.

The most important part: measure your glass. Once you have accounted for your posts, you can calculate the width of the actual glass needed to undertake your project. This can be done post by post.

Take into account further measurements. For most projects, you should account for a 90mm deduction. This is to allow for a 21mm tube along with a 15mm glass clamp and 9mm clearance. Double this to take into account both ends of your final project.

Make sure your plans are up to date. Having a drawing with up to date measurement you can refer to at all times for each of these components will help you throughout the whole process.

Choose your fittings and fixtures – there are now choices you need to make, from the style and look.

If you are unsure about any aspect of measuring glass balustrades or want to speak to an expert who can talk you through the process in even more detail, you can get in touch today.