Office Glass Partitions

Stainless steel and aluminium framework is available for office partition solutions. Designed and manufactured in our UK based workshop to meet the exact requirements of your project, ready for fast an easy installation on site. We have close relations with the manufacturers of both the glass and steel used in our projects, and as such we can implement custom designs far beyond the specification of other companies.

Semi Frameless Office Glass Partitions

Office glass partitions utilise an aluminium frame with heat treated acoustic glass and compliment any office environment to allow more light in and create a creative atmosphere. Spacious in design, the open feeling of a glass partition office counteracts the restrictive feeling of regular offices.

Framed Office Glass Partitioning

Using a rigid framework of either aluminium or stainless steel, framed office partitions can be used for corporate environments in conjunction with branded etching or stickers and to portray opulence and professionalism. All our office glass is toughened using a heat treatment and can affix to existing walls and ceilings. Joins are done with plastic strips and silicone and this modular process allowing for flexible design.