Glass Balustrades in Gloucester

Glass balustrades are quickly becoming the modern choice for home renovation, increasingly so in the City of Gloucester where residents seeking an upgrade for their humble abodes, are creating unique living spaces.

The use of glass and steel in design, come together to create an incredibly classy look, and the limitless design possibilities mean you will never be bored with your creation which in turn adds value to your home.

We provide quality toughened glass and stainless steel balustrade systems into your home, office or balcony. A mixture of designs allow you to to design a unique installation that will leave people breathless, and create the custom space you deserve.

Glass Balustrades in Gloucester and the UK are available for Installation or Delivery.
 Glass Panels along with the Steel fixings & Juliet Balcony kits can be delivered, Just call 01179867991

Glass Balustrades with Stainless Steel Handrail

Framed Glass Balustrades are the most popular balustrade, utilising stainless steel posts fixed into the ground and sideways mounting grips.

Grade 316 brushed steel and 304 brushed steel as well as aluminium, chrome and powder coated steel.

Available from approx £249* per section.

Frameless Glass Balustrades

Frameless Glass Balustrade systems are supported from the bottom, without stainless steel or chrome frames.

Frameless Glass Balustrades, bottom fixed into a U channel that is cut into the floor (or sometimes side mounted in the case of some stairs or balconys).

Button fixing is another frameless type where steel rods fix through the glass into the wall sideways.

Glass Staircase with Oak Frame.

Custom designed Juliet Balconies with Stainless Steel handrail going across the top and bottom or using stand off clamps.

We also provide the Juliet Balcony kits with standoff clamps for delivery to your home. Alternatively you can collect it from our yard in Keynsham. Please call beforehand about any order requirements.

Glass Balustrade Juliet Balcony.

Juliet Balconies installed and delivered or supplied in kit form according to your custom size. Ever more popular in recent years the Glass Juliet Balcony is commonly installed in old farmhouses and hay barn conversions where the Hay loft window has become a coveted design feature.