Five Fantastic Home Improvements

22nd August 2021

Tired of how your home is looking? Not sure how you can bring it into the modern age? Well, here are five of our favourite ways you can make a real difference to people both outside and inside your home.


Install a Juliet Balcony

A Juliet Balcony is a fantastic home improvement. They can safely allow natural light into an area of your home, whilst also providing a perfect mix of an indoor and outdoor space. A Juliet balcony can also create an architectural safety feature that can be enjoyed by the homeowner whilst adding value to your home.

Here at Aspire Glass, we offer a fantastic range of Juliet balcony options to meet whatever your architectural or design needs.


Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

A very simple but effective way to spruce up your home is a new lick of paint. Over time, paint can become dull, faded, scratched, or just simply out of style.

Whether you paint all of your home or just a room, you can choose a new colour scheme that you’ll love. This can add some personality to your home, and is an ideal way to change your home’s appearance as well as appeal to potential new buyers who won’t need to redo the room themselves.

It’s amazing how much a new paint colour can make a difference your home, and it’s an ideal way to show your design aesthetic without a major renovation or any building work.


Refresh Your Flooring

No matter how much you clean it, does your flooring always look either unclean or outdated? Many people suffer with this when cleaning and a solution of replacing or upgrading it can help improve your home’s appearance. Carpet can become damaged and lose colour over time with chemicals, stains, and general wear and tear, so replacing it can help improve your home without undertaking a big project.

If you have pets, hardwood or tile flooring is probably your best option due to its cleaning ease. This can help your new flooring stay in great condition for many years.



Update Your Bathroom

After the kitchen, bathrooms are one of the most important areas of the house. In order to maximize your bathroom’s appeal and comfort as well as making it inviting for guests to use, focus on giving your bathrooms a facelift. There are a number of ways to do this.

The paint colour in a bathroom can affect the appearance of size, making it an important change. Choose white or light colours as these will match various storage and plumbing appliances.

This is one room, though, where we recommend considering a larger project or an external investment. To give your bathroom a full update, consider changing: tiling, showers, toilets, and bath or shower unit.

When you plan a bathroom renovation, you can begin from the ground up and determine what you truly enjoy in a bathroom, which will allow you to maximise the space to improve your home’s aesthetic.


Use Exterior Landscaping to Increase a Home’s Value

“Curb appeal” is the first impression your home gives. In short, it’s how your home looks from the street or from someone approaching to visit. When determining how to improve your home without a major project, your exterior landscaping should be a priority. There a number of ways you can improve your landscaping.

  • Make your grass well cut and appealing, or consider artificial grass for a low maintenance replacement
  • Prune bushes and keep plants and trees in good growth control boundaries
  • Fix missing or broken slabs or driveway cracks

Improving your landscaping doesn’t need to be complicated. Plant some flowers (and maintain them), and prune bushes that are growing into the walkways that approach your house.

Whichever way you choose to update the first impressions the exterior of your home can give, it can make a big difference in your home’s street appeal. A manicured front lawn leading to a warmly, invitingly decorated front porch can make a great first impression for visitors. This once again doesn’t involve a huge project or building work.