Do I Need Planning Permission For a Juliet Balcony?

21st August 2021

Juliet balconies are an incredibly modern and beautiful addition to almost any home. A Juliet balcony is a glass balustrade fitted to the outside of a home in a suitable location, such as French doors or a large window. Once fitted, a Juliet balcony allows the homeowner or guests to experience the outdoors without the need to leave your home. They also offer stunning, full length views when fitted in an upper story of a building without any loss of safety.

Due to their easy installation, Juliet balconies have migrated from hot weather, European homes into the UK and are now an increasingly popular and relatively low cost addition to a home which can also dramatically improve the value of a building. However, a balcony or extension often requires planning permission to undertake, which can be a lengthy and costly process. So are Juliet balconies the same?

Well, unfortunately, there is no definitive answer. Much of the time, the answer is no and they can be installed under basic permitted development rights which a homeowner has access to. However, there can be exceptions.

The main difference between Juliet balconies and other balcony or extension options is there is no need to have an extending platform fitted to the outside of your home. When a floor space is added to a Juliet balcony, they are then falsely advertised, meaning you would then require planning permission due to this being considered a “raised platform”.

Other scenarios where you are also likely to require planning permission is if your building is listed or part of a block of flats, which may need permission from other residents as well as the flat governing body. If you rent the building or home, you will require the consent of the owner.

To accompany their new Juliet balcony, many people opt for inward facing French doors to maximise the floor space and view that their new balcony will offer. Having inward doors will provide a greater amount of light into the room. As part of installing the inward facing doors, the window or already installed doors that require replacing or enhancing can sometimes require planning permission to do so.

Even if your Juliet balcony can be installed without any planning permission required, it is still worthwhile notifying any close neighbours and anyone that may have their view impacted or privacy challenged by your installation of the work. This will help avoid any potential conflict or legal action which may delay or force you to reverse your installation.

If you’re at all unsure as to whether your Juliet balcony plan is covered by permitted development rights or think your planned project may tick a box that requires planning permission, Aspire recommend that you seek advice from your local planning authority before undertaking any work.

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